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Blue Planet Eyewear is DONATING a pair of glasses for every pair you purchase to a person in need.  


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Blue Planet Eyewear

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    In addition to selling hip, trendy, affordable and fun sunglasses and readers, Blue Planet Eyewear is serious about philanthropy, in large part as a result of Matt's experience working at an orphanage in Africa in 2012—and caring for his father when he was diagnosed with cancer that same year. He's also part of the millennial generation known collectively for pledging loyalty to brands that have more than just profit as their purpose. Blue Planet Eyewear is changing lives every day by providing sight to someone in need with their buy-to-give Visualize Change program. Forging meaningful relationships with humanitarian organizations that distribute the company's donated eyewear, Matt, Lisa and a dedicated staff have established Blue Planet Eyewear as a mission-driven, eco-friendly wholesale sunglasses and eyeglasses brand that aligns not only with his family's values, but also with customers who are committed to making socially responsible purchases that feel good, look good and do good.

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