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Updated: Aug 8, 2018

"This Filipino invention is helping people drive greener for cheaper" January 24, 2018.

- Invented by the Scientist Dennis Alvarez.

A superior and unique kind of oil additive that enhances the motor oil and serves as a metal protector which significantly increase engine efficiency and performance to an unprecedented level. A product that is worthy to be considered in fighting global warming and the effects of climate change. It acts as sealant for Gas Leaks thus increasing compression ratio of your engine; hence, a significant reduction of emission. Studies have found that the correction of carbon emission will result in 23 percent increase in fuel mileage. Our tests with the use of our special lubricants resulted in a 40-95 percent reduction of emissions.


The principle of supporting a sliding load on a friction reducing film is known as lubrication (Ludema, 1996). The substance of which the film is composed is a lubricant, and to apply it is to lubricate. These are not new concepts, nor, in their essence, particularly involved ones. Farmers lubricated the axles of their ox carts with animal fat centuries ago. But modern machinery has become many times more complicated since the days of the ox cart, and the demands placed upon the lubricant have become proportionally more exacting. Though the basic principle still prevails the prevention of metal-to-metal contact by means of an intervening layer of fluid or fluid - like material.

Oil Enhancer Key Benefits

  • Contains Highly Processed Environmental-Friendly Base Ingredients

  • Sealing properties that prevents gas leaks

  • Provides a multi-molecular magnetic film which reduces friction

  • Contains synthetic compounds; thermal stabilizers which keeps engine temperature in ideal range

  • Cleanses engine and decrease emission to a significant level

  •  Provides superior anti-foaming ingredients.

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