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Golden Globes !

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Golden Gobles are an amazing experience that every actor should have atleast once a while!

Golden Globes and Oscars are two of the many different types of awards that are the dream of any cast and crew of a movie. The movies, shows, documentaries, etc. that we watch in theatres or in televisions are the hard work of many people. Just like awarding the best in any other field, these awards were created to honor the work of the cast and crew on worked so hard to provide us with entertainment.

Being an actor doesn't mean that you are always invited to this type of events. You have to be nominated or part of the event. And if you are lucky enough you can get invited by a P.R., a manager, a production or entertainment company. The red carpet is a parade of stunning dresses and elegance where the energy is so high that everybody socialize complenting each other. It's an enjoyable moment to celebrate the hard work of the year and meeting new people.

Golden Globes 2016

In 2016 I assisted with my friend P.R. Red Hot Society and we had a great time. The were many parties happening at the same time and people were going from party to party just having fun. But don't expect to do businesses that night, the mood is just to enjoy!

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